BARDELL V. PICKWICK: A Dickens of a Case

BARDELL V. PICKWICK: A Dickens of a Case

PERCY FITZGERALD    Book Number: 83886    Product format: Paperback

"Mrs Bardell could only reply by a look. She had long worshipped Mr Pickwick at a distance, but here she was, all at once, raised to a pinnacle to which her wildest and most extravagant hopes had never dared to aspire. Mr Pickwick was going to propose..." "...and without more ado, she rose from her chair, and flung her arms around Mr Pickwick's neck, with a cataract of tears and a chorus of sobs. "Bless my soul" cried the astonished Mr Pickwick." Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers recounts the story of poor Mrs Bardell and the unfortunate Mr Pickwick who, due to an apparent misunderstanding, find themselves on two opposing sides of a court case, a common law action for breach of the promise of marriage. As a parade of friends do their best as witnesses to extricate Mr Pickwick from the situation, not always successfully, the other side produces evidence that is manipulated by skilful lawyers to make a cast-iron case for Pickwick's guilt and ensuing imprisonment. In this witty book, published with a foreword by Supreme Court Justice Lady Baroness Hale, Percy Fitzgerald treats the Bardell v. Pickwick as if it were a real court case, analysing the tactics of the various lawyers, and scrutinising the points of law Dickens made his fictional lawyers present. He quotes extensively from the original text, with all the humour and pathos Dickens conjures. 117pp in paperback.
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