MY GRANDFATHER'S GALLERY: A Family Memoir of Art and War

MY GRANDFATHER'S GALLERY: A Family Memoir of Art and War

ANNE SINCLAIR    Book Number: 83868    Product format: Hardback

The avant-garde Galerie Rosenberg stood at the pinnacle of the Paris art world until the Nazis came to power with their brief to outlaw and eventually destroy all "degenerate" art. Jewish art dealers such as Paul Rosenberg who traded in the free-spirited artistic creations of Picasso, Matisse, Dalí, Chagall and earlier painters like Van Gogh and Renoir found themselves persecuted and bankrupted, eventually having to flee for their lives or be deported to concentration camps. In 1934 Rosenberg mounted a landmark exhibition featuring the work of Braque, Matisse and Picasso, a close friend who lived next door for a time, but as war loomed, Rosenberg warned buyers eager to snap up "degenerate" masterpieces at bargain prices that the cash they were handing over would soon rain down in bombs on their heads. This fascinating memoir by Rosenberg's granddaughter recounts her grandfather's chequered life, from his visit to Renoir a month before his death in 1919 to his new career after they had escaped to New York. Sinclair remembers her grandmother Margot as a stylish woman in hats with little veils, and only later heard about Margot's affair with rival art dealer George Wildenstein, who to Sinclair's shock stood trial for collaboration with the Nazis. It was impossible to be sure which of the artists who remained in Paris were collaborators, and Rosenberg eventually abandoned his New York exhibition of contemporary painters because of this corroding suspicion. 224pp, colour photos.
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