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The host of Dragon's Den, radio and TV presenter Evan Davis interviews politicians and CEOs on a daily basis and has to expose what they really mean. His is the perfect guide to a world in which we have reached 'peak bullshit'; lies and deception, exaggeration and euphemism, flannel and waffle, spin and selective use of the facts, artifice and insincerity, pure nonsense and gibberish - false, fake news. Never has there been more concern about dishonesty in public life. From President Trump to the Brexit debate, we hear constant talk of falsehoods and fake news, and appeals to alternative facts. Using examples from all walks of life, from canned laughter to company annual reports, this book examines what bullshit actually is and why people peddle it. Does it work and should we be worried? How can we all navigate our way through a post-truth era? We are drowning in partisan rhetoric and increasingly, those who push back against the noise and nonsense will refuse to accept the untruths of politicians and commerce and entertainment and government. We are at the beginning of something important. Take the Soviet Union - deprived of the enormous advertising industry that we have, slick PR professionals and consultants, yet there were still endless government messages telling the citizens how well things were going. The purpose of the book is to provide a first-principles look at mendacity and nonsense now and in the pre-post-truth period too. The book is replete with examples of things that meet Evan Davis's 'bullshit' definition. 'We also have to recognise that the bad habits of modern communication evolved for a reason.' The final section of the book looks at how we can raise our game, protect ourselves against manipulative attempts to deceive, and improve public discourse. Ultimately people can't be convinced that false propositions are true when contrary evidence is there to be seen. The hard sell has become over used and has worn out. Societies are particularly vulnerable to temporary epidemics of credulity when people stop caring about where the evidence lies and instead asks whose side that communicator is on. The breakdown of the traditional left-right spectrum, the anger at elites, the rise of identity politics - all are conducive to claim and counter-claim. People feel that progressing a belief can serve as an expression of group allegiance and loyalty. Fascinating psychology. 347pp in large softback.
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