MARTIN LUTHER: Catholic Dissident

MARTIN LUTHER: Catholic Dissident

PETER STANFORD    Book Number: 83743    Product format: Paperback

500 years after Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Peter Stanford examines the man, the myth and the mass movement that his act of rebellion provoked. Martin Luther is undeniably one of the makers of the modern world who risked his life to challenge the corruption and complacency of late-medieval Catholicism. He did it so effectively that his Protestant Reformation broke the stranglehold that the Church of Rome exerted on Europe, redefined the spheres of Church and State and liberated individual believers. The changes he wrought developed ideas of freedom of conscience that have informed every generation since. As a practicing Catholic and the former editor of the Catholic Herald, Stanford covers the nature of the internal battle that Luther underwent and views him in the heated context of his times. This is an easy, pleasurable read through difficult concepts and hard choices conveying Luther's absence of self-satisfaction and sheer selfless courage, standing almost alone against clerical abuse and corruption. 430pp, index. Paperback.
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