STICKER FUN ADVENTURES: Book and 1500 Stickers

STICKER FUN ADVENTURES: Book and 1500 Stickers

OAKLEY GRAHAM & SUSAN MAYES    Book Number: 83676    Product format: Paperback

1,500 colour stickers of pirates, spaceships and dinosaurs. It's a busy day at the Intergalactic Space Station where flight control is monitoring aircraft on the large screen. From the observation desk you can see every planet in the solar system. Add the alien planets to the deep-space scene. There is a top-secret lab on board, soldiers to add to the ranks, fighter training and top-secret missions to collect pictures of alien enemy super craft. Complete the blue print. Mining craft search the universe for precious metals and minerals. Design your own space craft with any leftover stickers from the hundreds provided of little space men, planets, droids, vegetation, weaponry, bollards, explosives, and more. And that is just one tiny section. We have pirates and you can spot the rat in every scene aboard ship, placing your coloured stickers onto the scenes. And in Dinosaurs, from the prehistoric past, learn a little about extinction, science, Pterosaurs, or 'winged lizards' which reigned supreme in the Cretaceous skies. Approx. 96 very large softback pages. Stickers may be used for dozens of craft projects too.
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ISBN 9781784453565
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