LIBERTY OR DEATH! The Life & Campaigns of Richard L. Vowell

LIBERTY OR DEATH! The Life & Campaigns of Richard L. Vowell

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When Richard Vowell bought his commission in the First Venezuelan Lancers in 1817, he was joining the legendary revolutionary army of Simon Bolivar which would gain independence for Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. It was technically illegal for British soldiers to enlist in foreign armies, but the ending of the Peninsular War had left many soldiers unemployed, while the patriots' cause was supported by prominent figures such as William Wilberforce. Richard Vowell had been sent down from Oxford for drunken and unruly behaviour, and fired by the prospect of travel and adventure he joined the Bolivar campaign and recorded his experiences in his book Campaigns and Cruises published in 1831. This detailed biography draws on Vowell's own account to describe how he and his companions journeyed to Angostura, Bolivar's capital on the Orinoco, and then continued on horseback across the Venezuelan savannahs where the native horsemen laughed at the British troops' lack of riding skills. Bolivar's troops were men of all colours and Vowell is a racially tolerant observer who also respects the independence of women. Following Bolivar's campaign, Vowell was recruited by the Chilean Navy before returning to Britain, and after publishing his book he sought further adventures in Australia, where a strange incident at Cox's River Stockade put him in prison alongside the convicts he was supervising. 189pp, paperback, colour photos, maps.
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