HERMITAGE CATS: Treasures from the State Hermitage Museum

HERMITAGE CATS: Treasures from the State Hermitage Museum

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Recently, archaeologists discovered an ancient human burial in Cyprus, which also contained the remains of a cat. Scientists are now hailing this discovery as the world's oldest known pet cat, meaning that for at least 9,500 years domesticated cats have shared our homes. There are cats in the famed Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, too - real ones that live in the basement and hunt mice, as well as hundreds of artworks depicting cats in many different media, from canvas to sculptures and from carvings to ceramics. These treasures have been sourced from all around the globe and a selection is shown here. Sometimes the cat is the main subject, while at other times it may just be an observer to a scene, such as a painting of the nativity with the animals around the crib, apart from the cat who sits detached, staring from an attic window. An exquisitely decorated fan that belonged to Tsarevna Maria Fiodorovna depicts cats relaxing in a park, somewhat surprisingly eating asparagus, whilst a wooden Japanese okimono depicts a lucky beckoning cat. A painting by Frans Snyders shows a fish stall with a cat stretching up his paw to steal a tasty treat, and a book owned by the son of Emperor Nicholas II depicting a Russian fable has a particularly captivating, somewhat startled puss peering out of an illustration. With plenty of anecdotes and feline illustrations, this is the next best thing to travelling to the State Hermitage to seeing the art works themselves. Softback. 80pp, colour illus.
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