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The book is about helping young children cope with bereavement. 'Today Mum told me my Grandma had died. She was very sad. But what did dead mean?' 'It's when someone doesn't wake up, breath, think or eat any more. Do you remember when our cat Inca died?' Turn each beautifully coloured page to read the story about why people have to die and how the earth would be crowded if we didn't. Meet Great Uncle Joe who was really old and think of all the memories about Grandma we have inside us. And when we look at the little black kitten Merlin, we think of Inca too with all the little other animals, worms and fish and the happy place called Heaven. Here is a book about families, memories, happy smiles and the place where you can go and remember Grandma. Draw a picture of her and remember it is sometimes okay to feel sad. A beautifully designed large Walker Book. Colour.
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ISBN 9781406346756
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