FACES OF YOUR SOUL: Rituals in Art, Mask Making

FACES OF YOUR SOUL: Rituals in Art, Mask Making

ELISE DIRLAM CHING & K. CHING    Book Number: 83620    Product format: Paperback

A one-of-a-kind and greatly expanded foundation course to integrate the way of body, mind and creative spirit including practices of guided imagery, journaling, creative progress, Qigong and acupressure. The art of making masks uses techniques learned by the conscious mind to express discoveries from the subconscious is a journey into a realm of dreams. The works draws on ancient practices from many spiritual traditions and encourages us to draw on our deepest capacities for self reflection to find inner peace in meditation and instruct us on the presence of spirit guides. Westerners call them 'angels' and they are found in many sources. The book teaches us how to connect with them and takes us into a cave dwelling to imagine whether our creature may have fur, feathers or scales, to become aware of colours and scents and how to connect with one's totem animal and how to connect with us. For the animal in each of us is another spirit guide, willing and eager to assist us, to open and heal our hearts and render us strong and full of courage, and this book shows us ways to connect to the ancestors. We are taken on a journey of inner adventure, sacred guidance and self-empowerment with this experiential, hands-on book. Guided imagery leads you through a shamanic exploration of subconscious realms. Journal writing, art and mask making give voice and form to your inner mysteries and wisdom. Of particular interest are the points of the face which in acupressure help relieve headache, stimulate creativity, enhance memory, alleviate dizziness, relieve stiff necks and open the gates of perception to higher consciousness. The mask making including plaster, gauze strips and sculpting and decorating your mask is explained in step-by-step photos. Dozens of examples and photos throughout this very large 222 page softback.
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ISBN 9781556435904
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