ARCHAEOLOGY: Discovering the World's Secrets

ARCHAEOLOGY: Discovering the World's Secrets

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Archaeology opens windows into the past and allows us to wonder at the riches of Tutankhamun's tomb, feel the pathos of the medieval serf scratching a living from feudal soil and marvel at the sublime cave art of the hunter-gatherer. Of late, archaeologists have helped reveal the truth about battlefields, delved to the bottom of the ocean to examine lost cities and shipwrecks and explore why some cultures were suddenly and dramatically extinguished. Archaeology has ordered, analysed and reordered the evidence of the past, painstakingly piece by piece, to help us reconstruct and understand human life and rewrite the history of Homo sapiens. From the submerged city of Baiae, one of the notorious flesh-pots of Ancient Rome, to Israel's Tel Zafit National Park in which lies the ancient city of Gath, the home of the biblical Philistine giant Goliath, to the Meso-American city of Tlaxcalla, to Uzès in the South of France, an entire new Roman city Ucetia has been discovered beneath a car park with artefacts ranging from the 1st century BCE, era of the Roman Republic, right through to the Middle Ages. Excavations can take years and evidence can be misleading. This book takes us on a journey back in time to visit ancient cultures and view different landscapes, penetrating terrifying underground tombs and even takes a detour into bad archaeology via the Nazi party. We go right up to satellite photography, ground-penetrating radar to 3D imagery in this thrilling archaeological jigsaw. A large, lavishly illustrated book, 9½" x 11½", 256pp packed with colour photos, timelines and colour diagrams. First time reduced by special arrangement direct with the publisher.
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