FIRST TIME: True Tales of Virginity

FIRST TIME: True Tales of Virginity

KATE MONRO    Book Number: 83474    Product format: Paperback

Time has changed the way that people perceive their virginity lost and the definition are not carved in stone. Crucially it is the complete connection or emotional feeling people attach to their sexual partner, and in this day and age, be they gay, straight or disabled. Springing form her popular blog The Virginity Project, the book brings together dozens of ordinary people's stories; all names have been changed. From the experiences of Edna who lost her virginity in 1940 at the age of 25, to Charlie Thomas, a victim of thalidomide born in 1952 who lost his virginity aged 16 to Stella with huge bosoms in a lesbian hippy commune in Wales. 'The sexiest bitch in the school, with the biggest tits, was showing me her vagina and saying 'touch me'. I had never really got anywhere with anyone and there it was, all there, for me. I bottled it.' Hannah, born in 1964 had a schoolfriend Fanny Martin who said, 'Oh God I was in the garden messing about with my neighbour in his sleeping bag, and he's rubbing me down there and I got really hot all over, and then I got this amazing feeling'. So all the schoolgirls go home to try out what she describes and no one mentions how orgasms took over their lives. There is Andy, born 1963 who lost his virginity aged 13, 17 and 28 in a gay relationship which is searingly honest about cruising, attraction and physical and mental connection. Kate Monro has been flattered and fascinated by how her interviewees opened up to reveal the bumpy, funny, embarrassing truth about people's most intimate sexual stories. From Edna born in 1915 to Laura born 1982 who plans not to lose her virginity, this is utterly fascinating reading about music of each era - like Judy Tzuke's 'Stay With Me Till Dawn' (and he did!) to clothing and fashion, feelings of hitting the jackpot, boredom, sex toys and thoughts for future generations. 220pp in paperback.
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