ISTANBUL: A Tale of Three Cities

ISTANBUL: A Tale of Three Cities

BETTANY HUGHES    Book Number: 83407    Product format: Hardback

The award-winning historian and broadcaster whom our editor Annie has met and is a great fan of, Bettany Hughes presents a scholarly narrative history at its finest. She investigates what it takes to make a city and tells the story of not just of emperors, viziers, caliphs and sultans, but of the poor and the voiceless, of the women and men whose aspirations and dreams have continuously reinvented Istanbul. From the Qu'ran to Shakespeare, this city with three names - Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul - resonates as an idea and as a place, the gateway between East, West, North and South, it has served as the capital of the Late Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires. The story begins 800,000BC to AD311 in the Byzas' city of wine and witches in which the meek shall inherit the earth. The City of God Constantinople AD311-475 sees the Battle of Milvian Bridge, pagans and pretenders, the problem with Goths, the Vandal and Attila the Hun. The New Rome AD476-565 sees earthquakes and fires, the Phoenix city and the Jewish city. AD565-1050 sees the Silkworm's journey, AD1050-1320 sees the City of Crusades and homicidal usurpers, AD1320-1575 Allah's city, 1550-1800 the Imperial city of Dragomans and eunuchs, the Sultanate of Women, the Janissaries and the Great Siege of Vienna. From 1800 onwards, a city of revolt and opportunity, massacre and revolution, Gallipoli: the end of an empire, the last caliph and global futures. Byzantium comes into focus in the lines of Herodotus in the 5th century when the Father of History commemorates a pontoon bridge built by one of the most powerful men on earth to link Asia to Europe. Using new archaeological evidence, Hughes presents an epic new biography. Beautifully decorated with colour plates, maps and other illustrations throughout and a fairly large text, a 2017 glamorous hardback we are thrilled to have discounted. 800 pages.
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