EAMON DE VALERA: A Will to Power

EAMON DE VALERA: A Will to Power

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The Professor of University College Dublin was nominated for the Irish Book Award for Non-Fiction Book of the Year in 2015 for this book which makes an important contribution to our understanding of modern Ireland. It is a well-researched, elegantly written and admirably succinct biography of Eamon de Valera. From his emergence in the aftermath of the 1916 rebellion as the republican leader, he bestowed Irish politics like a colossus for more than 50 years, personifying Irish independence. The biography seeks to define the magnitude of his political achievement, his escape of execution until 1922 when he defined and directed the course of the revolution. Even from the political wilderness after the Civil War of 1922-3 and from the opposition benches from 1927-1932, he continued to dictate the terms of the debate about Irish independence. Regaining power in 1932, he took a mere five years single-handedly to rewrite Ireland's constitutional relationship with Britain. His 1937 Constitution made Ireland a sovereign, independent republic in all but name. Teacher, revolutionary, Taoiseach (Prime Minister), and President of Ireland, he remains the most divisive figure in the history of modern Ireland because of the burden of his past - the resentment and hatred which for so many is the enduring legacy of his rejection of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of December 1921. He died in August 1975. The book is also a meditation on power and its abuse and loss and mastery of state power. 308pp in paperback with 20 illustrations and maps.
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