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Sub-titled 'The Power-Crazed Medieval Kings, Popes and Emperors of Europe', welcome to the biggest group of warriors, conquerors, philanderers, murderers and back-stabbers you are ever likely to meet. The power-mad Medieval kings of Europe. Starting with the Great Schism in 1054 and ending with the discovery of the New World in 1492, we see how kings and princes used military campaigns and political intrigue to secure their own power and usurp everyone else's. From conquests to civil wars, and through marriages and alliances, discover how kingdoms grew in the countries we recognise today and learn how some were overrun. See how popes and antipopes used God to sway Kings' decisions and influence the power struggles across the continent. Hear about the threat from the Islamic infidels without, and heretical religions within, and see how Crusades in the name of God brutally put down anyone who challenged the all-powerful Catholic church. Learn about Knights Templar, princesses and queens who had to marry, lust and pleasures of the flesh, the balance of power in royal courts, contrived reasons for royal divorces and political fallout from break-ups. Encounter some of the royal bastards who helped their fathers consolidate their power and others who plotted to kill so they could take the throne for themselves. Battles, poisoning, plague, illness and accidents, you had to avoid them all to remain a successful king. Enjoy their lives and struggles across Northwest Europe, Scandinavia, the Iberian Peninsula, Central Europe including the Holy Roman Empire, Italy and Sicily, Poland and Russia, Hungary and Bulgaria, and the Balkans, then lastly the Crusader states including Jerusalem, Cyprus and Tripoli. A History Press 208 page softback with lovely colour plates and design.
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