LIONHEART: The True Story of England's Crusader King

LIONHEART: The True Story of England's Crusader King

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History books say that Richard I, our Crusader King, was brave, patriotic, and heroic, but was he really as valiant as we are led to believe? Although given the nickname Lionheart because of his military reputation, he could be cowardly and vicious. Brought up by a wet nurse as his mother Eleanor was determined to accompany her husband, Henry II, on his travels abroad, Richard grew up 'regarding the English as a race of serfs who spoke a barbarous tongue he never learned and who existed only to serve their masters - in his case, once he came to power, as a source of finance.' As quite a young boy he gained a taste for real warfare on travels with his father. Another side of his complex character gave him a love for church ritual, so much so that he would vigorously beat any monk not singing in tune. He only spoke the language of the court, Anglo-French, and never deigned to learn English. 'Having taken the Cross on November 1187, his overriding priority was to depart on crusade to the Holy Land as soon as the necessary funds could be raised and then make his reputation as the king who recaptured Jerusalem from the Saracen.' Crusades to punish his treacherous brother John and the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham, Richard deserted the English, was deeply troubled by his own sexuality and repeatedly abandoned his supporters to an evil fate. His brief reign bankrupted England twice, destabilised the powerful empire built by his parents and set the scene for his brother's ruinous rule. Yet he is regarded as a noble Christian warrior. Why? 224pp, b/w illus.
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Very good
from Anonymous on 12/03/2018
I thought that I knew my history, but it seems not. One of the most interesting periods in British history. Wonderful if you can keep up with the intrigues and military massacres.