LAST GOODNIGHT: A World War II Story of Espionage

LAST GOODNIGHT: A World War II Story of Espionage

HOWARD BLUM    Book Number: 83235    Product format: Hardback

Described variously as "the Mata Hari of Minnesota" and the "the greatest unsung heroine of the war", Betty Pack was charming, beautiful and extremely intelligent, attributes that were to prove crucial to her success as a spy, first for MI6, then for America's OSS. For decades the full extent of her achievements remained classified and, as Howard Blum tells us in his introductory notes, her 65-page FBI file remains part classified until 2041 and even much of that which is now available is heavily redacted "at the request of a foreign government" - almost certainly ours. Blum has assembled the truth about this astonishing femme fatale, her dangerous liaisons and death-defying missions, the heartaches that haunted her life and her vital contributions to the Allied victory. Espionage was a vocation into which she fell almost accidentally, but under the codename Cynthia she was the consummate professional, seducing diplomats and attachés in return for crucial information, but her expertise ran far beyond the bedroom. Time and again she risked her life to secure crucial documents, notably the Polish codebooks that were to prove key to Operation Ultra, the decryption of Axis radio and teleprinter communications, which saved thousands of lives. Her personal life was, unsurprisingly, laid waste by her wartime activity. Her husband Arthur was unable to cope with her methods and killed himself just after the war ended, whereupon she married Charles Brousse, one of her biggest informants who worked in the Vichy France press office. Betty's triumphs and the trail of broken hearts she left behind her and her brushes with death are masterfully woven into a thrilling, cinematic biography, a true story of one who deserves to be remembered for what she achieved and what she sacrificed. Photos, 509 roughcut pages. First edition of 2016, apologies for small remainder mark.
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