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Like Oscar, his tragic and witty niece Dolly also loved fast cars, cocaine and foreign women. Wilde's story and legacy is told through the life of his women including Florence Balcombe, actress Lillie Langtry and Dolly his niece, and relates the untold story of how a beloved writer and libertine played a vitally sympathetic role on behalf of many women, and how they supported him while Victorian society was in the midst of such change. A less than ideal husband, who in his world was the wittiest woman? We read about the real Mrs Erlynn, the precocious Miss Elgee, of tea and beauties, how different actresses were, revolutionaries and duchesses, taming Speranza, married life, in the footsteps of Ouida, the perfect Salomé and why 'death must be so beautiful'. This is the first book to tell the story of the female family members, friends and colleagues who traded witticisms with Wilde, gave him access to vital publicity, and to whose ideas he gave expression through his social comedies. He famously insisted that 'there should be no law for anybody' and women were central to his life and career. Drawing on 19th century newspapers, journals, memoirs and biographies here are sharply drawn portraits of a colourful cast of characters. 372pp with 24 illustrations including colour plates.
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from Anonymous on 11/03/2018
I loved this book, the author made me fall in love with Oscar.