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With there soft and powdery blue, mauve, pinks and reds, the textures are so tranquil and absorbing in these studies and among our favourites are Charing Cross Bridge London and a pathway in Monet's garden in Giverny before we move on in detail to his water garden. After decades as a masterful landscape artist, Claude Monet found his ideal subject in the lily ponds of his retreat at Giverny, which inspired him to make some of the most exquisite, and stylistically adventurous, paintings of the early 20th century. Books often fail to give a full sense of the Frenchman's late murals, but the 150 colour reproductions here, many spanning two pages, depict many of these timeless works both as they appear in a museum gallery and also in close-up. Among the paintings here are the monumental Water Lilies: Morning; The Clouds, in which deep green shadow falls across the water; and the 1922 version of The Japanese Bridge, a riot of abstracted colours that essentially become the subject of the picture. Text in five languages, here are his most beloved pieces found from collections around the world. Never before had Monet brought the interplay of colour and light, the atmospheric water and air, and the beauty of nature and impressions together with such harmony. 200 pages, 28.2 x 29.6 cm.
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