KORE: On Sickness, the Sick:

KORE: On Sickness, the Sick:

ANDRZEJ SZCZEKLIK    Book Number: 83164    Product format: Hardback

How can the world of science and the humanities collide so wonderfully as they do in Szczeklik's 'Kore', a book that melds the two spheres through personal anecdotes about art, music and literature and scientific accounts of daily clinical experience and experimental medicine. The complex and mysterious worlds of both sickness and soul - and how they are combined - are discovered through 'a competent discourse on modern biology with the intuition of an artist'. In the neurological investigation in the chapter "About the Brain" we are introduced to scientific discussion of the brain intermingled with humorous anecdotes - a favourite being Szczeklik's recollection of smuggling a brain out of his anatomy class for no other reason than for revision before being filled with revulsion at the sight of it. As well as the science, however, the mythology of medicine is pursued with chapters such as "The Enchantment of Love" in which love is diagnosed - with perhaps the highly accurate fourth century diagnosis of love symptoms being insomnia, sadness, fluttering eyelids - as well as the constant search for the Holy Grail that is a 'love potion'. From DNA to Spanish Flu, cancer, genetics and AIDS, a cheerful look at philosophy and science. B/w images, 320pp.
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from Anonymous on 09/01/2018
Reflective and informative and very good indeed.