CHAUCER'S TALE: 1386 and the Road to Canterbury

CHAUCER'S TALE: 1386 and the Road to Canterbury

ANNA GARBEDIAN & PAUL STROHM    Book Number: 83131    Product format: Hardback

The Canterbury Tales remains a founding text of English literature, yet it only came about because Geoffrey Chaucer was all but ruined. In the politically and economically fraught London of 1386, the middle-aged bureaucrat and sometime poet was swept up against his will in a series of disastrous events that would ultimately leave him jobless, homeless, separated from his wife, exiled from his city, and isolated in the countryside of Kent. For more than ten years Chaucer had stayed precariously afloat in London's fierce factional politics. Aided by a strategic marriage and ties to the court of Richard II, he had enjoyed favour from the two most envied and despised men of the land, the overbearing John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and the unscrupulous London Mayor and wool profiteer Nicholas Brembre. Beyond his control, Chaucer lost it all. During the autumn of 1386 he was expelled from his London dwelling, humiliated in Parliament, pressured out of his job in Customs, and forced into exile in Kent. Cut off from his familiar London audience, he invented a portable one - a tale-swapping pilgrom band and he converted his previously private literary career into a public one. At the loneliest time of his life, Chaucer made the revolutionary decision to keep writing, and to write for a national audience, for posterity, and for fame. This lively mini biography from the author of Social Chaucer tells the story of one of the finest creations of the medieval era. 284 pages.
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