ALEXANDRIA: The Last Nights of Cleopatra

ALEXANDRIA: The Last Nights of Cleopatra

PETER STOTHARD    Book Number: 83121    Product format: Hardback

During the 2010 Arab Spring, Sir Peter Stothard's memoir on discovering Cleopatra was disturbed by the intense conflict occurring around the Middle East and revolution in Egypt. This personal recollection compiles snapshots of Cleopatra's, Alexandria's and Stothard's histories into a melee of cultural and historical crossovers and a rare first-hand glimpse into the fracturing police state of Mubarak before the Tahir Square uprising. Through this, the genres of memoir and travel literature are combined painting wonderful images of both Egypt and Great Britain as Stothard's travels take him on an unforgettable journey - and at a time when sitting in the background of a key political conflict brings a fascinating outside perspective into the discussion on the country. Each chapter, named after a single date from 31st December 2010 to 22nd January 2011, is accompanied by a memoir, an insight into Alexandria and a new discovery concerning the object of Stothard's study, Cleopatra. With a reverent honesty Stothard's narrative combines the light hearted with serious observation a favourite moment being how he recalls how his guide stowed him away in a small cafe round the corner from the Dead Fountain cafe - an 'inspiring' place to write despite the copious numbers of soldiers and police in the streets. Discover a new side to both modern and historical Egypt. Photos, 383pp.
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