WARRIOR OF ROME: The Wolves of the North

WARRIOR OF ROME: The Wolves of the North

HARRY SIDEBOTTOM    Book Number: 83067    Product format: Paperback

AD 263 and the Empire is threatened. In the north, the savage barbarian tribes of the Steppes grow bold. Ballista, Warrior of Rome, is sent on an impossible mission - to turn the barbarians against each other. He will face the Heruli, the Eaters of Flesh, the Wolves of the North - the most terrifying of all the nomad tribes. But as Ballista and his retinue set out, someone hunts them, picking his people off one by one, leaving a trail of terror and mutilated corpses. Ballista, in a strange land, surrounded by strange people, is about to discover that the greatest threat sometimes lies among one's own. Sidebottom conjures up a convincing ancient world with explosive action and knuckle-whitening drama. 459 pages in paperback with glossary and maps.
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ISBN 9781405932882
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Sharpe of the ancient world
from Anonymous on 15/10/2020
Book 4 of a series of 5, so harder to jump into unless you've read the others. Still a decent read, if you like a Sharpe style adventure, set in the ancient world, though this instalment lacks the pace, and variety of settings seen in King of Kings