WARRIOR OF ROME: King of Kings

WARRIOR OF ROME: King of Kings

HARRY SIDEBOTTOM    Book Number: 83063    Product format: Paperback

AD 256, the Roman Empire is threatened from within. With the cult of Christianity spreading like wildfire, dangerous and powerful men vie for influence. Ballista, battle-bloodied general and survivor of the Siege of Arete, has returned to an imperial court obsessed with intrigue and religious fanaticism. There he discovers men who would rather see him dead than alive. Even his courage and loyalty to Rome and the Emperor are not above suspicion, but it is on Rome's Eastern Front where a vast Persian army is assembled that an even greater threat to Ballista and Rome awaits. With Gladiator-style battle scenes and well-researched detail. 528pp in paperback. Maps.
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ISBN 9781405932912
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