IN THE DARK ROOM: A Journey In Memory

IN THE DARK ROOM: A Journey In Memory

BRIAN DILLON    Book Number: 83051    Product format: Paperback

Winner of the Irish Book Award for Non-Fiction 2005, here is a Penguin reprint of one of the best memoirs about an unhappy childhood. It is a meditation on the nature of memory, a dazzling achievement in terms of prose style alone. Dillon writes books on art and culture and for many major newspapers, the FT and the New Statesman. Dillon explores how memory works, emotionally and culturally, and here the book is narrated through the prism of the author's experience of losing both his parents, his mother when he was 16, his father when he was on the cusp of adulthood and how after trying to piece things together, he suffered a breakdown some years later. Drawing on the lessons of centuries of literature, philosophy and visual art, Dillon interprets the relics of his parents in this arresting piece of writing. His home was as filled with silence, sulky, embarrassed and pained as the 'House' of Rachel Whiteread. 'I have around me, scattered on shelves, in chaotic piles, lost in ostensibly temporary storage, about half of the one thousand or so books which my father owned. His library is both an ever-present reminder and a solid embodiment of the ways in which I have tried to give a pattern to his memory.' A tremendously perceptive book, 246pp in Penguin paperback.
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