XINGU: The Indians, Their Myths

XINGU: The Indians, Their Myths

ORLANDO & CLAUDIO VILLAS BOAS    Book Number: 83027    Product format: Paperback

The classic account of the Xingu Indians and their culture, the greatest ecological challenge of the 20th century. In 1941 the Villas Boas brothers joined an expedition to chart and open up the little-known mountains and forests of central Brazil and for 25 years they explored the region, meeting tribes who had had no previous contact with the outside world and founding towns throughout the region. The brothers became Brazil's most illustrious sertanistas, Indianists who defended the indigenous tribes against the deadly consequences of the white man's advance. The Xingu Indians and their culture had no protection against the civilisation that followed the exploration until the brothers founded the first national park in the world, Xingu National Park which covers 5.6 million acres and is inhabited by 15 different tribes. For their work in establishing the park the brothers were twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. The major part of the book is the presentation of 31 invaluable myths - Vamivani: The Master of the Red Macaws, Ianama: The Conquest of the Jakuí; Kuatungue: The Origin of the Twins Sun and Moon; and Igaranha: The Enchanted Canoe. Plus why fish have coloured spots, the killing of jaguars, the language of birds, the formation of the rivers, the rejuvenating water, the flood and the end of the world. The brothers reveal for the first time the history, traditions and myths and share and encyclopaedic knowledge and observation of the region's plants and animal life, climate and unique environment. Indigenous line art throughout this incredible text with useful glossary, 270pp in paperback.
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