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Henri Cartier-Bresson is described as the 'eye of the century', a photographer whose images chartered 1920s Africa, the Spanish Republicans, Gandhi just before his assassination, and many more iconic and important moments across the 20th century. The beauty of this biography lies in the personal relationship Pierre Assouline had with the icon as his first encounter was a paradoxical situation in which Cartier-Bresson agreed to speak to writer and journalist Assouline but not in an interview setting but a personal conversation for five hours in the artist's home. From this first invitation onwards, Cartier-Bresson forged a relationship with Assouline that has allowed for a sensitive journey through his life. Assouline explores his work from New York to New Delhi and includes notes from critics and figures of the photography world such as a glowing review from Beaumont Newhall lauding Cartier-Bresson's skill as 'a photographer who worked on tiptoe and hated the aggression of the flash' in his work during the 1940s. However, it is the insight into Cartier-Bresson's life behind the camera that makes this work extraordinary as Assouline explores the conflict between Cartier-Bresson and his family's expectations for him, the influence of André Lohte, Cartier-Bresson's master of painting when he was 19, as a champion of the geometry Cartier-Bresson loathed in art, and more integral facets of Cartier-Bresson's personal life. What adds to this eloquent exploration of the man's life are the photographs of the man behind the camera, from self portraits in New York in 1935 to candid photos of him at work in Cuba 1963. Paperback, black and white photos and illustrations, 280pp.
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Insightful and fairly detailed Biography
from Anonymous on 03/12/2018
A real rebel of the Cartier-Bresson family looking for a way to express himself as oposed to his families businesses. Who goes full circle from painting/sketching onto photography then turns his back on photography to go back to sketching. Including being a POW (with 2 failed escapes and 1 successful one), setting up Magnum, meeting the famous plus all his quotes.