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Ernest Shackleton once said "I burn with a strange passion for the South" - the author feels the same about the North. A laudably busy chap, he is a lecturer in English at Cambridge, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and also member of the Society for Nautical Research and the Arctic Club and when he is not doing all this he is cross-country skiing, fishing and either travelling the Northern latitudes or writing about so-doing. Part travelogue, part history and part memoir of a lifelong love affair with the northern lands and seas, we are treated to a delightful selection of Norse myths and legends, as well as plenty of true historical stories of brave voyages and settlements made in terrifying seas and inhospitable lands. Moseley guides us around some of the most God-forsaken outposts of land on the planet as well as visiting volcanos and hot springs, wrecked shipping from times of war and peace, whaling outposts long since abandoned and incongruous unfrozen fjords, warmed by the Gulf Stream. Here too are polar bears, seals, salmon, giant killer brown trout, whales and dolphins plus an amazing array of hardy seabirds and the story of the land and sea journey he and his wife Jenny took around Spitsbergen, 36th largest island in the world and most northerly place of permanent population situated at the conjunction of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and the Barents Sea, with all the attendant perils of unimaginable cold, melting and refreezing sea ice and glaciers plus, naturally, hungry polar bears. Throughout we are reminded of our deceptive ideas on the nature of permanence and the fragile nature of the systems of these starkly beautiful lands. 301pp.
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