A SHED OF ONE'S OWN: Midlife Without the Crisis

A SHED OF ONE'S OWN: Midlife Without the Crisis

MARCUS BERKMANN    Book Number: 82662    Product format: Paperback

Middle age - what is it exactly? Research has now shown that far from fading away at a rate of millions of cells per day, the middle-aged brain is "more nimble, more flexible, even cheerier." So why have we stopped sympathising with Bart Simpson, and instead identify with his stressed-out dad or even his blue-haired mum? The author takes us through life?s major categories helping us to make sense of the middle-aged phenomenon, including work, leisure, sport, youth, money, culture and, ominously, two adjacent chapters entitled "mutton" and "facelift". And, of course, love. "Happiness is found by living in the Now," claim psychologists from Harvard University, "particularly if the Now involves having sex." In fact, surprisingly few British marriages end in cold-blooded murder, reports the author, but he nevertheless warns that when your partner starts driving over road humps so that the passenger's side goes over the apex, you should look out for arsenic in your cereal. We can all take heart from the annual snooker championships on TV, however, which are fought out between fat, pale contestants who have obviously never been anything other than middle aged and return year after year looking worse every time. But television itself has changed beyond recognition: the programmes used to be aimed at you, but not any more. Get over it. 248pp, paperback.
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