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'Once the door to Revolver was opened in the morning, the alarm had been turned off and the lights turned on, any other interpretation of everyday life was hard to imagine. Instead time was told by the length it took for a needle to reach the end of the run-out groove, or was dissipated all together.' This vivid, evocative account of the author's few years working in an independent Bristol record shop, 'with a reputation for stocking iconoclastic and esoteric records rather than the more quotidian Top 40 music', is a fascinating account of a shop specialising in experimental rock/jazz. The owner, Roger, didn't seem to mind offending the customers and wasn't unduly worried if they walked out without buying, although more often than not his long involved discourses had glazed-eyed customers buying just to get away. Roger's passion was music, he lived for obscure bands, often claiming a customer's choice of record, such as Fools Gold by Stone Roses, was a 'rip-off', insisting it plagiarised the German band, Can. As the shop would only take cash or cheques, and declined to be included in the national chart-return system thus rendering its sales ineligible for the Top 40 which made the record's bar codes impotent, it was its own little world. It didn't even have a frontage, just a door leading into a long passage, with an A-board outside to alert observant passers-by to its presence. 252pp.
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