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First published in 1906, here is a superb journal of a man variously described as a rake, a man-about-town, and a gambler. 'The notes I have made and the various Journals I have kept of my voyages, that of Jerusalem in particular, enable me likewise to intersperse my narrative with much instructive matter and entertaining anecdotes; many of which, though more ably communicated by eminent writers, yet have some novelty from the different manner in which I have viewed and considered them.' Whaley jumped out of a first floor building and kissed the occupant of the first carriage he saw, walked to Jerusalem for a bet, squandered his fortune, and imported Irish soil to the Isle of Man to build his house upon in order to win a wager. Even his early death is surrounded by myth and controversy. 'I possessed a restlessness and activity of mind that directed me to the most extravagant pursuits.' He journeys to France via Marseilles and Lyon and makes an acquaintance with gamblers and meets his stepfather; returns to Dublin and makes some remarks on Gibraltar; in Constantinople he sees dancing boys and dervishes and the Turkish fleet, obelisks and the slave market, learns about the character of the Turks and their dress, ladies and food, arts and sciences, public buildings and marriages; his departure from Nazareth leads us into the history of King David when Jerusalem was taken by Omar. On board ship, he leaves Acre destined for Cyprus and sees a house that is 'one of the best I have seen in Asia, and is shaded by a profusion of cedars and myrtles, which seek to vie with each other for beauty and supereminence.' Enjoy our rakish companion on the high seas, high mountains of Switzerland and Italy as we are sorry to say goodbye on page 240. Paperback, illus.
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