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Today the Tesla motor car is the most well known electric car, highly desired but still expensive. His technology is used in new solar panels currently being marketed in California to create energy for the home. There is no doubt of the enduring legacy of this American genius who said, 'Each day we go to our work in the hope of discovering.' Written in his own words, these papers are fully supported by diagrams and other technical material and have been bound by the famous New York publisher Barnes & Noble into a handsome bronze leather binding with silver tooling, silver gilded page edges and satin bookmarker. Some original advertising has been used on the endpapers. 497 collectable pages in this new publication. From the 1893 foreword, 'The present volume is a simple record of the pioneer work done in such departments up to date, by Mr Nikola Tesla, in whom the world has already recognised one of the foremost of modern electrical investigators and inventors. No attempt whatever has been made here to emphasise the importance of his researches and discoveries. Great ideas and real inventions win their own way, determining their own place by intrinsic merit. But with the conviction that Mr Tesla is blazing a path that if electrical development must follow for many years to is worthy of preservation.' His new systems of alternating current motors and transformers, the Tesla rotating magnetic field, motors with closed conductors, synchronising motors, rotating field transformers, modifications and expansions of the Polyphase systems, generators and current, self-starting synchronising motors, transformation from a torque to a synchronising motor, 'magnetic lag' motor, the induction motor are all covered in just part one of this magnificent volume. The full scope of the Tesla Lectures in New York 1891 and London 1892 and Philadelphia 1893, here are all the miscellaneous inventions and writings, early phase motors and the Tesla oscillators. 16.8 x 24 x 4cm.
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