PARROTS: A Portrait of the Animal World

PARROTS: A Portrait of the Animal World

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Members of a large bird family known as the Psittaciformes, there are 328 living species of parrots, though sadly many more are extinct. In the case of the once numerous Mauritius parakeets there are just seven birds left in the world and frantic attempts are being made to save them. Parrots have delighted humans for thousands of years by their talent for mimicry and their vivid colouring, yet have suffered by being trapped in vast quantities for the pet trade. They were also persecuted when at one time a diet of their tongues was a prescribed remedy for people who had trouble speaking or lacked eloquence. Nowadays, rare varieties of parrots are regularly smuggled into various countries where unscrupulous enthusiasts will pay vast sums to add them to their collections. Although we tend to think of these birds as living in a tropical environment, some species exist in far colder conditions; ?On Antipodes Island, a New Zealand parakeet can be seen braving frigid winds from the Antarctic as it forages for insects amongst the penguins and seals.' The 82 colour photos in this large book are stunning, revealing the brilliant colours of these often showy birds in all their glory while the text is a fascinating mine of information, whether discussing the history and folklore of the parrots or the threats to the birds' existence. Softback. 12½ x 9", 72pp. Colour illus.
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