READERS: Vintage People on Photo Postcards

READERS: Vintage People on Photo Postcards

TOM PHILLIPS    Book Number: 82017    Product format: Hardback

Like many artists, Tom Phillips is also a collector, and he has donated his vast archive of photo postcards to the Bodleian Library, which commissioned this selection of 200 reproductions on the theme of reading. Many of these highly individual pictures tell a story that will never be deciphered. Why is the earnest young Edwardian man ignoring his girlfriend, and in the next photo, what joke is the vicar sharing with his two lady parishioners dressed up to the nines in lacy late-Victorian outfits? Why is this Pre-Raphaelite young woman sitting in a deckchair in the middle of an overgrown garden in Birmingham? A sequence of subjects pictured outside canvas tents prompts us to ask whether they were actually spending the night in them: unlikely in the case of this natty young man in a boater or the elderly gent perusing Pearson's Weekly. In 1930 a woman with carefully waved hair is reading Ruby M. Ayres' Love Changes while a black cat on her knee glares malevolently at the viewer, and probably from the same era a woman is engrossed in a Penguin crime story by Dorothy L. Sayers. Groups of siblings are easily identifiable by having the same features, though they do not always seem too happy at being forced into close proximity by the demands of the photographer. A fascinating social record. 112pp, over 200 archive sepia photos, introduction by David Lodge.
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