SPANISH QUEEN: A Novel of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

SPANISH QUEEN: A Novel of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

CAROLLY ERICKSON    Book Number: 81811    Product format: Hardback

When the young Catherine of Aragon was sent from Spain to marry the juvenile weak English Prince Arthur she loved him from first sight, and was full of hope and anticipation for a lengthy, happy marriage. It was not to be. Not long after they were wed, the Prince died, leaving Catherine still a virgin as, due to his disabilities, he had been unable to consummate the marriage. For a while Catherine's future was uncertain, but then a new marriage was announced; she was to marry Arthur's younger brother Prince Henry, which she did when he reached the age of seventeen. By the time the marriage did take place the Prince had been crowned King Henry VIII. At first, the couple were happy but Henry had a wandering eye, and when the baby prince born to Catherine died Henry turned to a new love, Anne Boleyn. Told in her own words, this gripping novel tells of a young girl who becomes queen then is ruthlessly thrust aside as her husband has the marriage declared void, in the process disowning the Catholic Church, destroying the monasteries and declaring that England now had its own Church with him as the at the Supreme Head. A moving, powerful story of events that changed our history. 276pp.
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