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Is it possible to live robustly until our last breath? Is it possible to avoid chronic conditions that either cause or contribute to our final years being physically hard to endure before an inevitable death? Dr David Agus takes a very different view to what "health" means. He is one of the world's leading oncologists and cancer researchers and here, in a compelling blend of storytelling, cutting-edge research and provocative ideas he challenges long-held wisdom and dismantles misconceptions to present an eye-opening picture of the human body in the whole and the way it works - or sometimes doesn't. He shows us the simple ways in which we can avoid all long-term illnesses, not just cancer, and take charge of our individual health in ways that we probably would never have imagined before. Taking multivitamins and supplements other than for a diagnosed condition can significantly increase cancer risk and a sedentary afternoon, even after a strenuous morning, can be worse than smoking. Sneaky but regular sources of inflammation from scrapes and strains to colds and flu make a heart attack more likely and he shows how low doses of three inexpensive medications - aspirin, statins and an annual flu jab - will do more for your long-term health than any other. And the single most important thing that preserves health and happiness and is absolutely free? Keeping a regular schedule with a good night's quality sleep beats absolutely everything you can buy, eat or do. Wonderfully unorthodox and applecart-upsetting medical advice in 334pp. Apologies for remainder mark.
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