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The real stories of the Sisters who inspired 'Call the Midwife' who worked with Jennifer Worth. Born into a working class North London family, Katie is determined to 'do something' with her life. Working in the impoverished East End in the 1950s, she meets the Sisters of St John the Divine, a community of nuns dedicated to nursing and midwifery. They have been present at births, cared for the sick, and laid out the dead for a hundred years, and Katie soon joins them to start her journey to becoming Sister Catherine Mary. As a novice, she rallies against the vow of obedience, yet as a nurse and midwife she learns about the nature of dedication, love and tragedy. 'But at the heart of the family was my father. So, when he became really ill in the spring of 1948, we were all quietly scared.' 'Also, in keeping with the rigid class divisions of the time, it was decided that the Sisters could only come from the upper echelons of society.' 'I went into the kitchen to find the entire household staring silently at the baby lying in the middle of the table. Once again I was reminded of the nativity scene.' 312pp in paperback.
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