GENIUS OF BRITAIN: The Scientists Who Changed the World

GENIUS OF BRITAIN: The Scientists Who Changed the World

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From Bede the Ecclesiastical in the 7th century to Stephen Hawking the world-renowned theoretical physicist in the 21st, the history of British science and invention is rich with incredible stories of endurance, talent and obsession. This history is vividly portrayed in a magnificent volume, with contributions from some of the greatest names of today, including Richard Dawkins evolutionary biologist, James Dyson dynamic inventor, designer and engineer, David Attenborough naturalist and veteran broadcaster, Robert Winston the pioneer of IVF, and the physicists Jim Al-Khalili and Kathy Sykes. It encompasses the heart-stopping story of people who pushed the boundaries, who injected themselves with syphilis, drank poison, blew themselves up and undertook suicidal voyages, all in the name of progress and discovery. From Hook's microscope which allowed us to see deeper into the human body, through Watt's steam engine which brought power to the world, right up to the potential of 21st century nanotechnology, British scientists have created the world we live in and have shown future generations the way forward. As this brilliant volume demonstrates, the results are electrifying. Here is a gripping, unrivalled account of human endeavour and breakthrough. 340 pages with colour and b/w archive photos, tree of Famous Scientists and Key Dates in British Science. First edition.
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