RICHARD BURTON: Prince of Players

RICHARD BURTON: Prince of Players

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'Alcohol was one of his greatest pleasures. So was sex. Reading was one of his greatest pleasures, and that surely came with no threat to his health. Acting, though, was not one of his greatest pleasures. It was just something he discovered he could do which earned him good money, but he would have preferred to have played rugby for Wales, or have been a great writer.' This biography describes the whirlwind life of one of Hollywood's biggest stars. From the depths of a small mining village in Wales to star of the silver screen, Richard Burton broke every rule in his quest for the American dream. He made sure that he sipped the cup of life to its fullest - twice married to Elizabeth Taylor, he is now revealed to have been one of Marilyn Monroe's secret lovers. Details of illicit relationships with Hollywood's most iconic stars will titillate and shock. From his early days in a small mining village in Wales, days on the London stage, performance in Broadway's Camelot, wild nights in Hollywood with the likes of Errol Flynn, Peter O'Toole and Frank Sinatra, here is how alcohol affected Burton, his explosive temper, excessive carousing, but above all his stunning command of stage and screen. There is no denying the affection here for Burton who comes across as modest, generous, decent as well as irreverent and funny. 260pp in paperback.
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