DARD HUNTER: The Graphic Works

DARD HUNTER: The Graphic Works

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Icons of the Arts and Crafts style, the distinctive typography and elegant compositions designed by William Joseph 'Dard' Hunter (American, 1883-1966) established him as one of America's most influential graphic artists. He had grown up around printing presses; his father was in the newspaper business and he already had dabbled in graphic arts. Under the mentorship of Roycroft leader Elbert Hubbard, Hunter forged his own design path, initially inspired by William Morris's Kelmscott Press but quickly shifted to modelling contemporary European design trends. In 1908 with his wife he enjoyed an extended visit to Vienna and immersed himself in the Austrian and German Secession artists and the products of the Vienna Workshop (Wiener Werkstätte). In England in 1911, Hunter became fascinated with making handmade paper and moved to Marlborough, New York, a year later where he built a paper mill and became the reigning expert on paper making, eventually writing 18 books on the subject. This superb book is printed on heavyweight paper, 112 pages and features more than 80 designs for book covers and title pages, all reproduced in glowing colour, mostly full page. Many other supporting photographs and illus, many in colour. Enjoy the booklets, bookplates, brochures, letterheads and stained glass windows which showcase an incomparable era of flourishing artistic achievement. 8½" x 10".
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