PERLEFTER: The Story of a Bourgeois

PERLEFTER: The Story of a Bourgeois

JOSEPH ROTH    Book Number: 80911    Product format: Paperback

Translated into English by Richard Panchyk for the first time, this 1928 novel was discovered among Joseph Roth's papers decades after his death. Alexander Perlefter is a well-to-do Austrian Jewish urbanite with whom the narrator, his relative Naphtali Kroj, has come to live after being orphaned. In the household, Kroj finds a colourful cast of characters that includes Perlefter's emotionally fragile wife, his four children (foolish Alfred, hapless Karoline, flamboyant Julie and flighty Margarete) and a pretty maid with whom Kroj becomes hopelessly smitten. He watches with amusement as Perlefter tries to advance his career, marry off his children, and fend off a newly arrived distant cousin, the brusque ex-wrestler Leo Bidak. Penned just before his masterpiece The Radetzky March, the novel is rich in irony, social and political observation of the era. From the giant in modern German literature. 143pp in paperback. A companion to The Antichrist code 80956.
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