CHINA: An Intimate Look at the Past and Present

CHINA: An Intimate Look at the Past and Present

ANTHONY PAUL & BRODIE PAUL    Book Number: 80809    Product format: Hardback

China's history is full of surprises and perhaps the greatest of them all was the Long March when the Red Army began its retreat across China in October 1934, the future of the Communist Uprising looking bleak. How could an 80,000-strong peasant army with largely home-made arms withstand the Nationalist force of 900,000 men with the latest weapons? But under Mao Zedong's leadership, somehow the Red Army survived its two year trek across mountains, snowfields, bogs and deserts of some of Asia's most unforgiving terrain. This spectacular photographic book is a celebration of that spirit, 75 years on. In 2011 a team of Chinese and international photographers travelled along the route of the original Long March from Jiangxi in the south east to Gansu and Shaanxi in the north west. These beautiful, breathtaking images reveal a land and a people that have undergone change in villages that have become towns and mega-cities, dirt tracks transformed into superhighways, rivers harnessed by massive hydro-electric projects and everywhere the buzz of industry. There is pride, determination and perseverance, happy faces of school children, a Tibetan woman spreading out dried yak milk to make cheese, a grandmother sharing a special moment with her grandson, she is squatting, both laughing, a brightly coloured Tibetan Buddhist festival, bright clothing, local architecture with curved rooftops, colourful wooden window frames, harvest time, high speed rail, rice terraces, markets, fantastic waterfalls and more. A 6,000 mile route, the book has music, videos and photographs on a free app on page 393 where hidden features will leap from the page. The first 96 pages are the history of the march, told with contemporary photos and posters and lovely artworks in colour. 396 huge pages in heavyweight tome, 10" x 12".
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from Anonymous on 17/04/2017
The story of the Long March is very interesting, being travelogue style rather than propaganda, describing what the marchers went through on their journey. I learnt a lot. The photographs are amazing, showing both people and places, countryside and towns, rich and poor. It is a travel book rather than a history book.