BERNHARD GUTMANN: An American Impressionist

BERNHARD GUTMANN: An American Impressionist

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Impressionist artist Bernhard Gutmann, born 1869 in Germany, moved to the America in his early twenties, soon becoming a major, much-admired figure in the art world. His use of colour, as well as his chosen subjects, which were often family life, endeared him to the public. Unlike most artists, he seemed to have several styles; being classically taught in Germany he would paint conventional nudes and portraits, yet he also revelled in the freedom of the Impressionist style, and his simplistic, thick strokes of colour bring landscapes dramatically to life. He loved experimentation; his 'Whirling Poppies' depicts three blooms in a vase seen from above, surrounded by a vortex of colour, with the intention of causing a 'dizzying opium like haze' when the painting was stared at. Particularly delightful are the paintings he made depicting children, especially his small daughter and her dolls. Dozens of his works are depicted here, many completely filling the page. A lively and informative text accompanies the illustrations. 200pp. Colour illus, some b/w.
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