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Packed full of the best bits from issues 202-211 (basically the ten issues published in 2011) of Viz, prepare yourself for a 160pp 9"×11¾" onslaught of sexual innuendo, toilet humour and typically scatological smut that we all love. All the regulars - Slags, Gonad, Sid, Mellie, F**kwitt, Fartpants, Ratchet, Millie Tant, 8 Ace, the Bacons, Mrs Brady, Mr Logic, Spoilt B**tard to name but 13 - are present and correct plus some that may be new to the occasional reader, such as Seedy Pigg (the bicycle seat-obsessed deputy head), the Real Ale Tw*ts and Ivan Jelical, the easily led born-again. Add to all these giants of the comic strip pantheon a right good helping of the world famous Top Tips plus readers' letters from the Letterbocks section and the gratuitously rude and ridiculous Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the photo stories and all the usual tat. Colour and mono cartoons, ADULT SALE ONLY.
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ISBN 9781781062456
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