MARTIN AMIS: The Biography

MARTIN AMIS: The Biography

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'Martin projects his perplexities and horrors onto the fictional canvas, but not to dispose of them. He feels he has a duty to his audience, to challenge, infuriate, entertain, but not to use his work as a clearing house for his personal fallibilities and crises. His fiction is an index of his honesty.' Here is the first biography of one of literature's most gifted and controversial authors. Martin Amis is the son of one of the most popular and best-loved novelists of the post-war era. He has forged a groundbreaking manner of writing that owes nothing to the style of his father, Kingsley, nor indeed to anyone else. He relished and recorded the bizarre, turbulent atmosphere of Britain and America during the 1970s and 80s and no other contemporary writer has proved so magnetic for the popular press. His reputation as a novelist has been matched by his outspoken, challenging writing on contemporary global politics. His biographer has interviewed him about his childhood, his various families, friends and peers, how he writes, what he writes and has also interviewed friends, lovers and intimates. His most striking creation must be John Self, the narrator of 'Money' (1984), the very English stereotype, the loud, vulgar, working-class self-made man with an appetite for pornography, economically purchased sex, the artery-clogging consumption of food and alcohol. In 'London Fields' (1989), Self is reincarnated as Keith Talent. The two writers Richard Tull and Gwyn Barry in 'The Information' (1995) epitomised the most repulsive aspects of literary culture - narcissism and envy. Here is the full picture of the novelist and commentator. 449pp in US first edition, 2012. Remainder mark.
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