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'This is a South Africa the international reader has not yet seen: the wood of smallness and the ordinariness and quirkiness of everyday life hidden behind the trees of politics.' - André Brink. The novel follows the unfolding of a young girl's life through a childhood filled with silences. It is about how much people are the total of their longings, how high drama can also be low comedy. It examines the merging of families in the 1980s and beyond. It is especially the story of a girl's escape from a ghost town. The South African mining town of Kimberley was created over 100 years ago when men with buckets scraped out the insides of the earth like a thousand black dentists. Now it is a place where the only tales are those of leaving. A coming-of-age tale which plays to the debutante's freshness and flaws. 248pp in paperback with useful glossary of phrases.
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Good read
from Anonymous on 11/02/2019
The story provides an interesting insight into growing up in provincial South Africa from the point of a young girl. The seemingly autobiographical coming -of-age story is narrated with lovely wry humour and provides a pleasant entertainment for the reader.