Meeting royalty

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Meeting royalty

Meeting royalty

A Royal Warrant, By Royal Appointment, was granted to Annie Quigley the owner of Bibliophile by the Duke of Edinburgh in 2011. It is regarded as a ‘Peerage for Trade’, in recognition of quality service and excellence to the royal household and came about after 20 years providing books to the royal libraries. Only two other booksellers (and no publisher) from the entire publishing industry hold a Warrant  - Hatchards of Piccadilly and Heywood’s Antiquarian of Mayfair.
Very excited as we are attending Guildhall for the Royal Warrant Holders Annual Banquet. It is a white tie affair - tailcoats and tiaras - so Vicky here at Bib is doing my hair and Wilma and the girls have given me fashion advice.
We sat at Top Table with the Duke of Edinburgh. On being introduced, he announced that he uses Bibliophile a lot and how long our newspaper is. That's what keeps me busy I replied. The Guildhall Art Gallery where we met was full of beautiful Pre-Raphaelite oil paintings by Rossetti et al, the banqueting hall a medieval walled gothic arched hall with balconies where buglers played, everyone was dressed to the nines, all eyes on Prince Philip and our Top table of 20 guests. Only 900 guests watching...
 Friends and colleagues in publishing have been thrilled that we are meeting royalty and that our small company has been recognised for service and quality.                                     

 Ceremony at Bibliophile June 2011

Presented by Mr. Bob Hall, President Royal Warrant Holders Association.


To read an article from Sunday Telegraph 4th December 2011

The Sunday Telegraph published a supplement on 4th December about Royal Warrants and featuring some Royal Warrant holding companies. The focus was on the innovation, craftsmanship and tradition that are characteristic to Royal Warrant Holding companies. The supplement also had a seasonal slant to it with a view to Christmas sales.

If you missed the article, in which we appear on page 9 column 3, and would like to view an online copy then please click here.

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