Annie Quigley, owner

Annie Quigley, owner

Annie Quigley, owner


Owner and passionate book-lover, Annie was brought up in a family of parents who were writers, surrounded by family friends who were writers and who herself studied literature and is passionate about all things 'bookish'.

Read her website interview to learn more about their book business, collecting interests and more! 

Hear her talk in a radio programme in Summer 2016 about her life in books and love of Spain...


Pictured in front of her Royal Warrant for Bookselling from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

She says:

"I am often asked two questions, “What makes a book sell  and what are your bestsellers”?

In brief, it is beautifully made art books, conspiracy theories, crime fiction and Signed books which  I love to sell and collect,  so I regularly organise author visits. By genre, it is predominantly non-fiction - art, history, religion, war, humour and erotica.    Not necessarily in that order!

Bibliophile has a vast reservoir of independent book reviews going back 30 years for something like  60,000 titles. With valuable sales figures for each, we can consider re publishing from this rich backlist and knowledge.

I am such a dyed-in-the wool bookseller that maybe then I shall go back to the old tradition of taking orders then printing individual books for my customers. This was what bookseller/printer did 300 years ago before the profession of “publisher” was invented! In fact the prosperous 18th century booksellers were all large copyright owners.

 May I end by reading from one of my favourite books, The Life of Robert Dodsley,  “… for the real money lay in ownership of copyrights, not in the retailing… booksellers were the entrepreneurs who purchased rights from authors, and, binding to others, merchandised and finished the product through advertisement and trade distribution.”

See Press coverage in Raconteur in the Times - Turn to page 6 to read a little of how special it is to be a grantee of a Royal Warrant and the history of the award.

Annie Quigley was elected to the Council of the Windsor, Eton & District Royal Warrant Holders Association in 2013 and became Vice President then President in 2016. She now edits the official website.






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