BEST OF BENN: Speeches, Diaries, Letters and Other Writings

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Radical statesman and MP for over 50 years, Tony Benn was the pre-eminent diarist of his generation. His political activity continued after 'retirement' through mass meetings, broadcasts and social media. He died in 2014. With an era of bland, professional and focus-group politicians, Tony Benn stood out as a magnificent figure. A genuine radical all his life, he was a fearless campaigner and a legendary figure in the Labour movement. He also penned some of the most memorable political diaries and is a mischievous wordsmith and a large-hearted human being who wouldn't mind if the whole world disagreed with him. He was the campaigning voice on issues such as the abolition of the death penalty, the case against the European Union, opposition to war and support of workers' rights. This volume brings together seven decades of his electrifying speeches, thoughtful journalism and passionate advocacy of ten unconventional causes. Iain Dale said, 'There will never be another diarist like Tony Benn. He is the primus inter pares of the genre.' Defending virtues of socialism and democracy, in a world growing colder, harder and more unequal, his inspiration will be sadly missed. 260pp.

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