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Credited with the creation of an inventive form of non-fiction writing called 'The New Journalism', Gay Talese's bestselling books involve the changing moral values of America, such as his Thy Neighbor's Wife. In January 1980 he received an anonymous letter from a man he much later named as Gerald Foos who during the 1960s spent enough time in his attic to observe hundreds of guests participating in some form of sexual activity. A married man who bought a 21 room motel near Denver in order to become its resident voyeur, Foos cut rectangular-shaped holes in the ceilings of a dozen rooms, measuring 6 x14", and covered them with louvered aluminium screens which were in fact observation vents that allowed him as he stood on the thickly carpeted floor of the attic to see his guests in the rooms below. He continued to watch them for decades while keeping an almost daily record of what he saw and heard and never once during all those years was he caught. 'These individuals were from every walk of life. The businessman who takes his secretary to a motel during the noon hour, which is generally classified as 'hot sheet' trade in the motel business. Married couples. Couples who aren't married, but live together. Wives who cheat on their husbands and vica versa. Lesbianism, of which I made a personal study because of the proximity of a US Army Hospital to the motel and the nurses and military women who worked in the establishment. Homosexuality, of which I had little interest, but still watched to determine motivation and procedure. The 70s later part brought another sexual deviation forward, namely 'Group Sex', which I took great interest in watching.' Gay Talese travelled to Colorado where he met the man and verified his story in person, but Foos insisted on remaining anonymous and so Talese filed his reporting away, certain the story would remain untold. Over the ensuing years, Foos occasionally reached out to Talese to fill him in on the latest developments and sent hundreds of pages of notes on his guests and their habits which Foos believed made him a pioneering researcher into American society and sexuality, all the while continuing to insist on anonymity. Now after 35 years he is ready to go public and Gay Talese can finally tell his story. He is irritated by guests' eating habits and draws conclusions over disinterested love making, foot fetishism and is fascinated by "the Spanish girl with dark skin the colour of rich chocolate, her large breasts ringed delicately with chestnut-brown nipples, and below was her dense forest of curly black pubic hair which the Voyeur found incredibly beautiful and exciting to watch, especially as her tongue moved around the purple nob of the man's penis.' Trends and fads frequently found their way into the rooms of the Manor House Motel in these dozens of vignettes. 233pp in large softback, eight pages of colour photos.
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