EDWARD WESTON: Portrait of the Young Man As An Artist

EDWARD WESTON: Portrait of the Young Man As An Artist

GRAHAM HOWE & B. GATES WARREN    Book Number: 90770    Product format: Hardback

During his 50-year career, Edward Weston (1886-1958) blazed a trail in Photo-Modernism capturing portraits, landscapes, still life and nudes. This has established him as one of the most revered proponents of photographic art. He took up photography as a hobby aged 16 living in Chicago and aged 20 moved to Tropico California where he built his first studio and set about becoming a photographic artist. An examination of his sharp and soft-focussed photographs of this period reveals that he was already exhibiting the perfect sense of composition that became his hallmark. Presenting Weston's earliest images as preserved in a series of family albums assembled by his first wife Flora, this magnificent exhibition publication explores the clear line of development from his initial artistic efforts to his acclaimed mature works. 120 duotones are arranged so as to compare and contrast the early photographs with those made from the late 1920s onwards. His first compositions begin with his teenage amateur shots, for example the San Gabriel Mountains California 1907 in a rather blurry but interesting boulders on the riverside image which is contrasted with his Cypress Grove, Point Lobos from 1940, sharply in focus and with tangled trees creating an animation in the landscape. There are snowy mountainside forest scenes at Yosemite, a pine in the Sierra Nevada, a portrait of Gary Cooper 1936 in the sunshine, and of course beautiful naked women including the black Maudell Weston in Carmel 1939 and Margrethe Mather 1923. With black satin pagemarker, 160pp, 26 x 29.2cm.
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